Floreat Endodontics recognises that dentists are the primary providers of care for their patients’ teeth. As such, our work with dentists is collaborative, and seeks the best oral health of their patients.

If you’re considering referring a patient to Floreat Endodontics, be assured that:

  • We’re glad to discuss any matters that relate to a patient you’re considering referring to us.
  • We’ll seek to see your patients as soon as possible.
  • Soon after your patient’s first consultation, you’ll receive a report outlining the findings and the proposed management of the patient and any treatment they received.
  • After the endodontic treatment has been completed, the patient will be promptly referred to you for further restorative work.

If you’re referring a patient, please:

  • provide a detailed clinical history and any radiographs.
  • tell us if you would like to be called to discuss the prospective patient.

To make an online referral, please click here.